Dog Grooming and Bathing Services

Treat your dog to the unmatched grooming services he or she deserves from Ridge Dog Shop. We are happy to work with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and dispositions. We will give your pet personalized care and our top quality treatment every time. If your dog has any special needs, we have quality equipment and know how to care for them. By the time we are done primping and pampering them, your dogs will look great and feel even better. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Dog Grooming Services

We offer full-service dog grooming for your canine companions. These grooming appointments include a bath, a haircut, and a nail trimming session. Our staff also plucks and cleans your dog’s ears, shaves their footpads, and cleans around the sanitary area. After each grooming session, you can choose between adorning your pooch with a bow or a bandana.

We also offer special services that include checking the anal glands and brushing your dog’s teeth to remove plaque buildup. We also have special shampoos available to treat skin infections, care for sensitive skin, remove skunk odors, kill fleas and ticks, and remove dead hair.

FURminator® De-Shedding Process

Do you wish there was a way to make your dog stop shedding during the summer months? Our patented FURminator® de-shedding process is the solution you’ve been seeking. This is a two-step process that effectively loosens up and removes your dog’s excess fur. De-shedding appointments typically cost anywhere from $15 to $25 depending on the size of your dog. This is an additional charge above the normal grooming fee.

The process starts out with a liberal application of FURminator® shampoo and FURminator® conditioner to loosen up all the dead hairs in your dog’s coat. This de-shedding solution effectively breaks up loose hairs, reducing shedding by up to 50%. Depending on the length of your dog’s fur, treatment may need to be continued for up to 6 – 8 weeks for best results.

As the weather gets warmer dogs with undercoats start to release them a little at a time, the problem is that means dog hair gets everywhere all the time. We can help with our de-shedding processes that combine FURminator® shampoo and conditioner, which causes the undercoat to release more fully, with brushing techniques and tools to get more of the fur out in a pain-free manner. Nothing will eliminate all seasonal shedding, but our methods will ensure that more of the fur is released at the shop instead of your house.

Call our pet boutique at (804) 288-0605 to schedule a grooming appointment for your four-legged friend.

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