Pet Grooming Testimonials

Ridge Dog Shop takes great pride in the pet grooming services they provide. They want every customer to feel confident that their requests are being satisfied and their pet is receiving the best treatment while in their care. If you are not convinced that Ridge Dog Shop is the best dog grooming salon in Richmond then please take a look at what some of our customers have said about us.

“The Best Groomers in Richmond”

by GFarrar on CitySearch

“The care with which they treat my dogs is as good as my family does. They take their time to insure the grooming is done right! The dogs always come back clean and fresh smelling. They are excellent with both short hair and long hair as we have a German Shepard and a Sheltie.”

“The Most Professional and Kindest Dog Groomers”

by Dogs2 on CitySearch

“Ridge Dog Shop is one of the oldest if not the oldest professional dog groomers in Richmond. They truly care about the 4 legged family members they care for. We have never taken our two 4-legged “daughters” any other place.”

“They are All About the Dogs”

by Blandwriter on CitySearch

“Our family’s dogs have gone to Ridge Dog Shop for grooming for as long as I can remember. What it really boils down to for me is trust: When I leave my little girl in the hands of other people, can I be sure she’s going to be safe and well-cared for? The answer is always an unequivocal yes. It’s hard to put a price on that kind of trust.

The Ridge Dog Shop “experience” starts before you get there, usually with an appointment reminder call from Susan, who is a delight. To me, she is “the face” of the enterprise and you know from the moment you meet her that she is all about your dog. The groomers are knowledgeable and get to know your dog and all of his or her quirks. When my beloved first dog got sick, they knew something was wrong and encouraged me to get a second opinion from a different vet. After he died, I got a wonderful card signed by everyone–that’s something you never forget.

Rosie always comes back to me looking and feeling great, and she’s always happy to see her friends at the dog shop when we go. I can’t think of a reason anyone would take their dog(s) anywhere else.”

“Excellent Grooming”

by DannyWahlquist on CitySearch

“Only great experiences at Ridge Dog Shop. They have great expertise and really listen to what you want. Also convenient drop off and pick up.”

“Excellent Grooming”

by Rootie on CitySearch

“I have two dogs and each time I take them to Ridge Dog Shop they are excited to go into the shop. Unlike when I take them to our VETS, they are scared to death. So knowing that they get excited about RDS, tells me they are happy with the people and the experience that they get there. If they are happy, so am I. Also, it is very nice to walk into the shop and be greeted by Susan with an up beat attitude and a nice smile.

I have taken all my dogs to Ridge Dog Shop and they have all loved it. I would highly recommend this for your dog.”

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